Wisconsin Climbing Team Trial Day

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019 (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

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Leaders: Ashley Cofrin
Jamie Bates

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Sign-up Today: https://members.hoofers.org/finance/membership


Join The Wisconsin Climbing Team at Summit Strength and Fitness to see how you can become a member! This is a trial day to see if fun, climbing improvement, overall strength and mentatility builidng is for you.  There is cost and you get to see the space, meet the coaches and directors, and enjoy the evening with a whole lot of climbing.  Signing up in the event helps us plan, but you can also just show up day of. 

What is The Wisconsin Climbing Team?

We are a group UW-Madison student climbers that want to become better at what the thing we love, ROCK CLIMBING.  We love to have fun, but we also love a little competition and getting super strong both in strength, technique, and mentally.  We do this through the use of a private climbing space, Summit Strength and Fitness, and a coach specializing in climbing.  

When does team meet? 

Climbing team meets on Sunday and Wednesday 7-9pm.  Often we meet ealier to share rides, warm-up ahead of time, and have a little more fun in the gym.  

Does climbing team compete? 

Yes!  But don't let that scare you.  There are a variety of reasons to become a part of the climbing team.  You can compete, but you also don't have to.  Competitions are so much fun and don't tend to be scary or intimidating.  We compete in both local competitions and competitions across Wisconsin.  

How much is climbing team? 

Climbing team costs $225 per semester.  All team members must be Hoofer Mountaineering Members ($30 per year).  As a Mountaineering Member, you get access to tons of gear, clinics, and outdoor climbing activities.  $225 includes a coach, a training plan, 2 days of private climbing gym space.  

When does it start? 

October 2nd is the official start date of climbing team.

More questions?  

Get them answered at this event or email the team directors,  Ashley and Jamie (Girl Power!).  team@hoofermountaineering.org

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Social Event


There are 9 people in this event, with 31 spots remaining.