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Toprope Clinic at The Sett

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023 (7:00 pm - 8:30 pm)

Leaders: Mountaineering President
Claire Johnson
Jill Storms

Event Information


Hi Mountaineers!

Are you new to climbing? Or wanting to sharpen up some foundational skills? If so, I encourage y’all to register for my TR Clinic at The Sett on October 10th! This is an awesome opportunity to expand your climbing knowledge in an environment that fosters supervised practice and individualized instruction.

Overview: This clinic will give participants the skills and confidence necessary to join in outdoor trips and/or go to local climbing gyms. The first part of the clinic is focused on building necessary skills for climbing safely and sensitizing participants to the risks associated with climbing. The second part of the clinic is designed to introduce participants to basic techniques for safe and efficient movement on rock. 

Clinic Objectives: At the end of the clinic, participants will be able to adequately complete the following:

  • Put on and secure a standard climbing harness
  • Tie-in to harness using a figure-8 knot 
  • Safely belay climbers on top-ropes using a tube-style device (ATC, Reverso, and other similar devices)
  • Use common climbing commands
  • Fall safely on top-rope
  • Identify key risks associated with climbing indoors and outdoors
  • Identify some examples of good climbing technique


When: Tuesday, October 10th (7:00-8:30)

Location: Sett Recreation (Basement floor of Union South)

While there is no charge from Hoofer Mountaineering, a Sett Recreation membership will be needed to attend these clinics. Note that HMC members get a school year membership at a great discount through Sett Recreation. I would recommend exploring that option when it comes time to finance this event!

Required Gear: If you do not own personal climbing equipment, there is absolutely no need to worry! Reach out to our wonderful Gear Managers ( and they will be happy to assist you in obtaining all gear needed for this event free of charge. Furthermore, there is gear eligible to be rented through Sett Recreation, however, there are fees associated with the rentals. Attendees will be expected to come to this clinic with a harness and climbing shoes. All further necessary gear will be provided!

That's all for now - if you have any additional questions about this event, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at!



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